Learn French Fast With These Tops Tips

The easiest way to learn French fast is to move to a French speaking country where you are forced to acquire it more each day. Of course, when that isn’t possible- or if you are preparing for such a trip- there are plenty of creative ways to improve your French proficiency.

Nowadays, it is easy to find an online French class that will accelerate your abilities in every area of language acquisition for a more reasonable price than copying and pasting traditional methods. However, even if you commit to a structured program that is proven to accelerate your results, there are great ways to compliment your French learning on your own.

For complete beginners, add labels to everything in your house. Leave no object without its verbal French equivalent. Even the family pet should get a sticky note. And don’t forget to include the gender of each noun which is one of the more “foreign” components of the French language. This will allow you to learn words effortlessly without setting aside extra time to study every day.

Also, there are lots of French films at your local library that you should check out. With a little luck, not only are you guaranteed some great entertainment, but as you watch the films with and without subtitles, you’ll get accustomed to listening to the pace and musical quality of native French speakers. This is crucial since this is the hardest aspect of language learning to practice on your own and is so important when it comes to being able to converse fluently.

Besides listening, you must also take every opportunity to build confidence speaking in French yourself. Try translating your thoughts and words to yourself (out loud if you’re alone) as much as possible. Thinking in French on the go is an important skill to develop and every little bit helps. Plus, you’ll run into words and phrases you wish you knew all the time which means you’ll always have plenty of ideas for what to look up next.

Lastly, reading the language is the easiest way to build your French vocabulary. As a beginner, invest in a good phrase book that you can study frequently on the go. Learning a few phrases a day will help you build your foundational knowledge and you’ll have the book to refer to if you ever need a quick review.

As you improve, you can turn to reading familiar fairy tales in French. When you read stories that contain familiar plots and characters, it is easy to learn new vocabulary without needing to turn to a dictionary every other word. More advanced students can try reading French news articles online, choosing between headlines they already know the gist of or those about unfamiliar current events for an even bigger challenge.

Building French is easy if you commit to learning a little bit each day. Momentum is an asset when learning anything new and every little bit helps. Reward yourself for good progress and make sure you are developing all your skills equally for the most well rounded education. Remember to expect mistakes and focus on the opportunities speaking French could bring to your business and personal life.

Pas de souci et bonne chance!

(“No worries and good luck”… see you’re learning already!)