You Would Never Guess Why This 2014 CPC Certification Study Guide Rocks – A Must See

Passing your CPC certification exam gives you an edge as a medical coder. Aside from having good practical coding experience, getting certified is the next major step for career advancement. Certified medical coders are widely sought after by employers, government organizations, and physician societies. As such, getting certified is a must when pursuing a career in medical coding. Getting certified will make you stand out from the rest and assure employers of your skills, making you more valuable and opening new doors in the job market. According to the figures provided by AAPC’s salary survey, certified coders earn about more than 17% than the non-certified ones.

The demand for certified medical coders is high, but many have failed their certification exam, citing how hard it is. So it is necessary that you prepare by getting the right CPC certification study guide. The right study guide will help you to cover all the important areas that you should not miss in preparing for your test. It should also give you all the tools and tips on what to do on the exam day itself. But how you learn is as important as what you learn, which is why Laureen Jandroep’s 2014 CPC certification study guide rocks. Here’s the reason: her study guide is in video-form!

Why Learning by Watching Videos is Better than Reading

A well-produced video is considered as a powerful learning tool. According to a research made by Towson University’s Electronic Media and Film Department, watching videos allow the audience to have a rich and rewarding learning experience. Videos makes the audience more engaged on the learning tool, making them more connected to the video’s content. As such, the audience were able to absorb the video’s content visually, allowing them to understand the details more. A video-based CPC certification study guide accomplishes all that and more, because you learn at your own pace. You can pause, rewind, and skip any section you want at any time. It helps that watching videos on a portable screen is easier to do when you’re on the move.

Why is it Important to have the Video-based CPC Certification Guide by Laureen Jandroep

There are a lot of different programs out there to help you pass the CPC certification exam. Invest in one that is proven to help, look for testimonials from past students, and make sure it is conducted by an experienced and certified trainer. There are a lot of cases where people fail their cpc exam, not because they didn’t study but because their exam taking techniques and time management failed them.

Laureen Jandroep’s 2014 CPC certification study guide provide all the necessary tools to ensure that you will pass the exam. With her videos, you get all the secrets and strategies that she has been using to coach students to success on their first try. You can use her videos together with your other learning materials to ensure that you will get the certification you want. Her videos will get you to be more proficient and master any topics including anaesthesia, evaluation and management, pathology, surgical services, medicine, pathology, and more.

The Aftermath of A School Tragedy: Some Strategies for Coping

I was the Principal of the High School in Montourville, PA when TWA Flight 800 exploded off Long Island in July of 1996. The recent tragedy in Connecticut, like the other school tragedies we witness always brings up thoughts of not just the disaster itself, but the tragedy that follows such a disaster. In 1996, our school lost 16 students and 5 adults. In the weeks and months that followed, some of the following events happened that no school can possibly prepare for and usually have to “make it up” as they go along. Some suggestions for managing this are included.

1. The medical examiner will have to positively identify every victim. The parents won’t get to see their child again, so dental records and DNA samples will be required. Think about what it would have been like to be at the firehouse last Friday in Connecticut when the parents heard the news about their child.

2. Gifts and money (there were thousands of teddy bears alone) will come from all over the world- a quilt from a Girl’s private school in Calcutta, hand made cards from children in Ghana, a hand made mural from children at a school in Darwin, Australia… the gifts will just keep coming in. One day the school will have to decide something that will cause great consternation- the decision to “focus our attention on the living”. No one will know what to do with all of the gifts. Do you make a permanent memorial? Do we store them? We can’t rightly dispose of them? What do we do? The day will come when the school- not the families, will have no choice but to move on, and there will be great arguments about the timetable for this adjustment… the Superintendent will be severely judged for the decision to move on.

3. The funerals will be heartbreaking enough… but the cemeteries will present a surreal scene of incalculable grief. There will be Xmas trees with lights on the tree being run by a generator and presents under the tree(because the child will need something to play with in heaven) and stockings hung on gravestones and Christmas carols playing by some electronic device. Some people will have life-size cut-outs of their child standing near the Xmas tree in the house. I saw this. It was devastating and remains that way today for me.

4. Siblings will come to be very angry at their parents who rightly will never get past the death of a child leaving the sibling feeling less-loved and neglected.

5. Many families will start a fund in their childs name with all good intentions. However, huge sums of money will come from every corner of the globe and there will be endless evening meetings trying to reach some agreement about what to do with all the money with now angry and still grieving parents.

6. Eventually, another disaster will occur as happened with us where I was talking with Wolf Blitzer one day and all the satellite uplink trucks and black limos carrying TV news celebrities disappeared the next when a hand-made nail bomb went off at the Atlanta Olympics. Suddenly, we did not exist anymore from a news standpoint… which should have been, on the surface, good news, but we were then really on our own.

These are just some of the awful things that will occur as this aftermath unfolds. Here are a few things, arrived at improvisationally, that worked for us…

1. Volunteers will come from everywhere… don’t turn them away… you help them and yourself if you can invent something for them to do where no job exists… people need to be near other people in a tragedy. We had guidance counselors and teachers and ministers and soldiers, and just plain moms, dads, grandparents, and students showing up from everywhere.We gave everyone something to do… some senior citizens were making tape balls to help hang up emails…

2. Religious people from all beliefs will come… leave a place of reflection for all faiths… for us The Jehovah’s Witnesses were the most helpful as they organized and hung up every email on the wall and took care of daily the thousands of live plants and flowers that were sent to our school from everywhere as will happen in Newtown. Exclude no one… allow all faiths to leave literature in a quiet and respectful place. Stay in touch with the local ministerum- made up usually of all clergy in the town… they can help spread messages to their respective flocks and help in a variety of ways.

3. Hire a firm which deals with establishing trust funds and major giving. This will involve long hours and school officials have schools to run and their whole lives will be taken up with things for which they have no expertise… these people need to be giving their best to the living.These meetings willbe extremely rancorous because the parents aren’t ready for the logical thinking required of such meetings.

4. School must respect the mental-health professionals and grief counselors, but someone must be in charge of these people and the Superintendent and administrators must never forget that they are in charge of the building and not the mental health professionals. Madam Superintendent- try not to turnover the control of the building to people who lack that kind of expertise the same as you lack the expertise to provide counseling. It is not quite an exaggeration from my experience to say that sometimes the comfort dogs that were brought in often provided more relief instantly to grieving people.

5. School Board members will have to be reminded that they are just citizens like everyone else unless meeting as a body and voting to to something as a group. Individual Board members will enter the school each with his or her own agenda about how things should be run… a strong superintendent has to keep control of this or chaos will occur with everyone giving conflicting directions and coming up with creative but conflicting ideas- individual board members must take orders not give them in this setting.

6. Kids are a lot more resilient than we think… at one point in the Fall, I had a group of students say… “this isn’t another special program for us poor downtrodden Montoursville students is it? In other words, they were ready to move on even though the adults wanted to “help” them yet a little more… talk to students to find out when they have had enough “help”- they always know.

7. The adults will deny that they need counseling thinking only kids need help from professionals. Make teachers take a week’s vacation using substitute teachers in some organized way… they have to get away for a while whether they admit it or not… I still cry at all of these tragedies because of the thoughts that come back to me. I was the tough guy who was supposed to be in charge… pay attention to the needs of the grownups- we did not do that enough.

These are just some thoughts from someone who had to deal with the aftermath of disaster… not all of the talking heads on TV know what they are talking about. They never had to deal with such a thing.

Travel Tips for Your Family

Having children does not mean you have to stop traveling. Although there are still many families waiting for the children to be of a certain age, or leaving them with other relatives to take long trips, the tendency to take the children with them is on the rise. A great news if we take into account that Spain has always been in line in Europe in terms of family trips abroad. Until now, a large majority still preferred Spanish coasts or camps to enjoy the summer. And, although both plans are very respectable, it is not the children who cut our wings to travel the world.

Find a destination that suits the little ones

Travel with your family

There are many countries that have great attractions for children. Water parks, attractions, themed, with animals, hotels where there are activities for them or places frequented by other families where our children can meet more children. Try to find common activities according to their age and call their attention. For example, in Asia a good idea is to introduce them to the snorkel and enjoy the seabed. In the jungle you can see different types of animals, zip line or play sports.

Choose direct routes

If you travel by plane, avoid flights have scales. If they have them, then they are not very long. Try, in addition, that the schedules are good for the children and that they do not break their biorhythm. During the trip, feel them near the windows, so you can go contemplating the landscape and have a further distraction. If the flight is at night, be sure to ask the stewardess for a blanket and pillow. The more rested they reach the destination the better they will feel. If the trip is long, we recommend that you bring them some entertainment. Some companies have sheets and paintings to distract you, also with coloring drawings and magazines where you can take advantage of the maps of the last pages to show them geography.

Includes the essential

Depending on the country you are traveling to, it will be convenient to carry everything your children need. It is better not to leave anything to improvisation, especially in medicines. Always carry a first-aid kit by hand. You never know if you can find medicines easily or at what price.

Do not be afraid

Many families acknowledge not taking their children with them for fear of something happening. However, there are many countries that are safer than ours. If traveling alone or as a couple, no mishap occurs, why would it happen to our children? What’s more, taking the children with us will open doors for us. In some countries in Asia or Africa, families tend to be very numerous, so they will be happy to help you, meet you and possibly your children will end up playing with ours.

Slow down

Although during the day they seem unstoppable and have more energy than us, children usually get tired before. Avoid long journeys full of visits, museums, meals composed by something quick and wanting to squeeze the trip to the top. Learn to enjoy a relaxed pace, with longer breaks so that children have time to eat and rest. The days will end sooner and you may have seen fewer things, but you will have enjoyed them longer.

Adapt to your schedules

Depending on the age, the child will have pre-established habits. Even if you are in the other part of the world and have the feeling that time does not exist, it is best not to alter them. Try that the different meals are at the same hours, that you sleep as necessary or that you are in bed at the established times. This will avoid that fatigue will lead to tantrums and that in the end it will be an uncomfortable situation for everyone.


Depending on the age you will need more or less things. If your child does not walk, then here the question arises: Baby carrier or backpack? The only answer is destiny. If you are going to travel to a city where the streets are paved and it is easy to get around them, then you can afford to take the chair. If what you have planned is to do some hiking in the mountains, visit old villages or do outdoor activities, then the most comfortable thing is a baby carrier. During the trip you will see that many parents have also chosen this option. Forget about cribs, changing tables or other items. Many hotels already count on it.

Do People Pass Their AAPC CPC Exam on the First Try, and How Do They Do It?

If you are taking the AAPC CPC exam, then you will at some point ask yourself this question; do people pass their medical coding certification exam on their first try? And how do they do it? Although official figures are hard to come by, rough estimates suggests that only 40% to 50% of exam-takers pass on their first attempt.

The medical coding certification exam is no pushover

Make no mistake, the CPC or Certified Professional Coder certification exam is a grueling marathon of an exam that takes nearly 6 hours long. Medical coding careers and its industry are growing fast because of the federal push for the implementation of electronic health records such as ICD-10. This translates to better salaries and career options, but also mean it is getting more competitive as more people like yourself try to get certified.

But people do pass the CPC certification on the first try or attempt

The good news is that 40% to 50% of people do pass on their first try, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same. If you do a simple survey of those who passed on their first try, most will say the exam is tough. You will also find that the common things they all share is that they are well-prepared and have a good amount of previous coding experience. Some do pass without experience but these cases are rare. Almost all of their advice points to the same pattern, which is to:

1. Review the official study guides

2. Get yourself some coaching or online blitz review videos

3. Do plenty of AAPC practice or mock exams

4. Plan and practice your strategies for answering questions and time management

If you fail the exam, you can retake it until you pass

The other thing you might notice from the advice of those who passed is to keep calm and not give up. Those who failed the exam the first time just continued to retake the exam until they passed. Sometimes it takes a few attempts so as long as your scores improve with each attempts then you’re on the right track. If you fail you have one free retake within 12 months, so use the time well to get fully prepared.

Recover fast and learn from your mistakes

Before you retake the exam, it is worth examining what you felt was the problem. The most common complaint is the lack of time to finish answering all the question. Those who passed on their first attempt finished answering all their questions even if they thought it was tough. Based on the many advice out there, it is safe to conclude that perfecting your time management, question answering, and CPT lookup strategies is often the best way to improve your chances other than knowing your topics.

Tips To Help You Get Student Loans

College education can cost a lot of money. Even if your parents arrange for a college fund for you, there is always a possibility that you will come across shortage of funds while studying. With the rising cost of living today, it is not uncommon for students to go through a hard time struggling for cash or even the basic necessities of life. If you are one of those students experiencing financial difficulties, you may consider getting bank student loans.

Some private loans have a higher interest rate compared to those student loans offered by government, but the good news is that it is often easier to obtain private loans rather than the ones that are supported by public funds. After writing everything you need for the semester or year in school, you need to make a list of the sources of income. If you have a job, enter the amount of money that will be generated from this work. You should also take into account the money you have in your college fund if any.

Compare the amount of money needed for the semester or year in school with the amount of money you have or are likely to earn during the semester or school. The difference between your income and expenses is the amount of money you have to use as private student loans. To predict the fluctuation of prices in case of emergency in the total amount of money needed to grow with private student loans. Note that the cost of living is rising in the country today and one should be prepared for any eventuality. Never be caught off guard when it comes to your finances. Before obtaining any loan, you need to look more closely at your financial situation and the amount you actually need.

As a rule, you should never borrow more money than you actually need. Always remember that the loan must be repaid at the stipulated time if you do not want to end up with more debt than you can handle and you must learn to manage your finances properly. To get an idea of how much money you need for your studies, make a list of things you need for the semester or academic year in a column and then enter the amount of money you have or need for these things in the second column. Thus, this was some essential information about bank student loan